Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh my! Look what the postman gave me today.Tinkerbug you are a wonderful can sister!I cannot believe all the stuff you sent.I am gonna have a ton of fun.Let me tell you these pics do not do the can justice.She inked the can first it looks like a sunset.Then she has put paper cutouts of Pooh,Tigger(my fav) E yore and piglet.There are Trees that have a crazy amount of leaves. It is just awesome.Thank You Tinkerbug I love my can and the extra cuts you sent are awesome also they are the best.

Look SKITTLES YEAY I haven't had them yet I love them look at all the colors.

Look at all the goodies that were in the can.It takes up my whole table.I tried to get a pic of it all but there is to much.

Oh I can't forget the Chocolate Orange candy either yum.
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