Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Their Married

My daughter Kristy got married Saturday.We drove down for the day.It was a very nice wedding at their house.Kristy did a great job of putting it together.Josh welcome to the family.

You may kiss the bride.

.A happy little family

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Blake and I had a great weekend.Saturday we went to Lake Hopatchong,that was our first time there.I thought it was very beautiful.We didn't take the boat or the camera we were really just out for a drive and that is where we ended up.

Sunday we went to Lancaster County Pa. The Amish farms are breath taking.I am from the country and I never would have imagined that farm land could be that great.I did take lots of pics there.I am going to scrap those soon.I found an Amish Furniture store that I fell in love with.I would have liked to just had 1 of everything.To bad I don't have any room for anything.
Oh yeah I almost forgot we took a short train ride on an old steam locomotive. That was interesting as you got to see more of the farms that way.
My sister is coming in Oct. and I can't wait to take her there. Thats all for now Sherrie