Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I have decided to do a book for my Mom,for her mother's day gift. I am putting a lot of my favs in. I am starting in no paticular order,hopefully when I am finished with the pages I can get some order. These are some cute pics I ran across . Aylssa (my dear grand daughter
2. Amber (Blakes daughter being silly trying to look like a bunny) 3My sister's back in 1958 on Easter

This is my nephew Mike and my baby Kristy. I wish I could remember exactly how old they are I tink 2 for her and 4 for him,Man what little sweeties.I want to just wrap them up in a big ole Hug.

This is my daughter and her first Hubby and my grandson Austin
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Linda said...

Super idea, she will love it!